Welcometo 2015 world! He made it possible, he’s the champion of heaven, the almighty father… appreciate him for a new chapter and ask freely for whatever you want this year because he will freely supply all your needs.

Forget about new year resolutions because we do not always stick to them, the best we can do is draw a plan of what we want to achieve in time to come, set restrictions and principles and do your best to live by them, it will be difficult to channel your life in line with them but the person you will become after that will be amazing… A life without a plan, without a purpose is not a life…


I have a dream, a life plan that by God will be made manifest, in him I’ve found new hope, in him I live, in him there’s life because he didn’t care how messed up I was, he kept me, he didn’t care how deep I fell into destruction, he brought me into 2015 because his mercies and his grace are boundless and he has given me a new chapter, a chapter that promises that every trial, every difficulty, every setback will come to pass, they won’t stay, they will only pass through, only his infinite mercies and boundless joy will dwell with me…

2015 is a year of balance, God will bring every area of your life to balance. Celebrate him….


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