And yet we do not despair…

Service was amazing, Kingdom Envoy never disappoints, Pastor Murphy never disappoints. He connects the supernatural and physical realm with worship that you practically see God’s throne. it’s amazing and i want to tap from that grace daily, i want to worship him like that.

I said this on my blog-spot and Facebook page once, i said it will be a shame to end up in Hades for eternity after all the torments and difficulties life threw at us. It will be an everlasting shame and disappointment to God and the saints watching us because Christ already redeemed us and set us free, so no sin is really worth an eternity in Hades…none! Because i for one cannot miss out on the street of pure gold and the gates of pearls because of sin that really doesn’t benefit me, you enjoy it for that moment, regrets and anger fill your heart afterwards so what really is the point?

I hope you had an wonderful service today, i hope you worshiped him like a true worshiper and danced like David did dance?… I for one didn’t, i wore one of the worlds’ highest wedges and i was completely immobile until i took them off. but i had a blessed Sunday all the same.

Have a blessed week loves. May god bless you abundantly and do not forget to #Witness him…

#HappyNewYear #I’mThereAlready #Love

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